Exhausting My Food Supply Episode One: Making Hard Decisions

Posted: January 28, 2012 by Barbie in Stockpiling Food

So, I mentioned the other day that I’m currently working on exhausting my food supply.  Tonight, as I was making dinner (Fettucine topped with store brand spaghetti sauce kicked up a notch with some about-to-shrivel green pepper and a freezer burned italian sausage from who-knows-when) I ran into the first of what I’m sure will be increasingly severe problems.

I was seriously craving some sweets (my default state, honestly) and nothing was readily available.  But I realized I had some old cake mixes in the baking closet, so I grabbed a box of spice cake and was about to bust that puppy open when… damn.  I realized the instructions called for three eggs.  I opened the fridge and found that I had exactly three eggs.  I knew it!  The spice cake and I were meant to be!

Oh shit.  It occurs to me that eventually, I’m going to run out of protein.  Do I really want to hasten this process by throwing away my last three eggs on a spice cake?

Hell yes I do!

But wait.  Is that wise?  What if I run out of food?

Oh, seriously.  It’s three friggin’ eggs.  Are you honestly gonna freak out because you might starve to death one meal earlier?

Do you really want to run the risk?

Fuck yes!  I might die, but I’ll die with cake in my belly!  What better way to go!?

In the end, I managed to get my shit together and realize that those three sorry eggs would make a pretty good egg salad sandwich.  And since two nights a week I have to eat supper in the car, a non-messy egg salad sandwich wrap would make a pretty good supper.  So I made the right decision and put the cake mix away.

And you better believe I boiled those eggs right there and then, to save myself the temptation.

  1. Barbie says:

    A little Googling led me to discover that you can bake a cake mix with Mayo in place of the eggs and oil. I may try that soon!

  2. showpare says:

    How much egg to oil makes mayo? Did you try it?

    • Barbie says:

      It does work! You add the same amount of mayo as the cake mix calls for oil, then leave out the oil and egg. You can add a tiny bit of water if needed to reach the right consistency. It came out fast!

  3. Heather says:

    I know this is an old post, but you can also use a small can of pumpkin with the cake mix. Add nothing else. Bake as muffins (makes 10-12). Ridiculously tasty!

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