Long Term Storage

Posted: January 29, 2012 by Sarge in Stockpiling Food
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So, as you walk down the road toward hoarder status, there are some things to consider. Having a bunch of stuff saved up is all well and good, but it needs to be useful. What I mean is, if you have six months worth of food saved, awesome. However, if all the canned peas are in the very back, and all the tomato soup is in the very front, it will be difficult to make enticing meals. Furthermore, if that shit is in a heap in the corner of the basement, you’re gonna turn an ankle when you climb mount survival in search of the elusive box of townhouse crackers.

The solution is to set up a storage system. If you have a basement, that would be a great place to set up the warehouse. Otherwise, it could be spread throughout closets, the garage, or even a shed.

Now, anyone who’s worked a grocery story knows you use the oldest stuff first. So when you buy new stuff to add to your collection, put it in the back, and move everything forward.  That way, you’ll get a rotation going. Whether you buy shelving, build shelving, or stack up some bins or cardboard boxes, I would set up so that you can get to the back side of the shelf, etc. This way, you have more access to stuff, and you don’t bury stuff somewhere you can’t find it. Keep food items in one area, equipment in another, first aid closest to your living area so that you can get to it (you never need that stuff until SHTF, and then you need it yesterday).

Now you have all this stuff, and its all stored and ready, and then the nuclear powerplant 50 miles from your house melts down and you gotta go. You can’t carry the shelves out to the car, so what’s your plan? Try packing up some of each type of item in prepared boxes or bins. That way, if you’re leaving by vehicle, you can easily and quickly load them up and take off. You could have a bin of food, a first aid kit, and maybe some spare clothing. 3 bins and you’re off.

As an option for the bins, perhaps building some portable storage containers could work for you. If you build some boxes with hinged lids out of pine, they will be relatively lightweight, and also sturdy. If you are capable of building them, you are also capable of building them to fit specific locations in your vehicle. You could have two that drop behind the two front seats. Or maybe one that fills that space at the back of the trunk. If you end up needing to sustain yourself for longer than you had initially planned, you can always take them apart and build something else you might need, or even burn them to cook up that tasty woodchuck you hit with the Chevy on the way out of Dodge.

If you fail to plan, plan on failing…



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