Evacuation: Whats your Plan?

Posted: January 30, 2012 by boyscout556 in Evacuation
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A nuclear bomb explodes in the city next to you.  The zombie Apocalypse starts in downtown Manhattan.   A hurricane is barreling towards your house.  What do you do?

Chances are that whatever the emergency, when it happens it wont happen all around you, and if it does you’re pretty much fucked to begin with.  Either you will know its coming (like a hurricane) or you’ll know where it started and therefore where its coming from and about how long you have until it hits you so you should have at least a few hours to organize and head out.  So, where do you go?  hop on the interstate like every other unprepared dolt?  People cant even get to work without running out of gas or crashing into each other so you think during a panic it will be better?  That thinking means all the other preps you’ve done are worthless, but at least you can share with all the other assholes stuck on the road.  Chances are everyone will be headed in the same direction, taking mostly the same roads, jamming them up like Newman’s arteries.  A little planning might allow you and your family to get out while everyone else is sitting in a parking lot that used to be called route 66.  Think of every disaster movie you have ever seen.  There is always that scene with the cars all on the highway at a standstill, and then some asshole in the front thinks he can run faster than drive and everybody abandons their cars.  Sure that means there is plenty of gas to gather later but getting to safety should probably come first, just saying.

With that in mind I think I’m going to check out the maps of the local roads (google maps pretty much kicks ass for this) and plan an escape route in each of the major directions, and then take a weekend and go explore them.   Sure the speed limits on back roads are slower, but who’s gonna stop you, the cops? I think they’ll have enough on their plates attempting to shoot zombies in the face.  If you explore your local area now, finding smaller side roads that most people will overlook, you will be able to pick your route based on what all the other lemmings are doing, and keep off the jammed up roads and on the smaller back roads that will allow you to get out alive at least for now.  You might also want to pack a few maps in your Bug-out Bag because if you think you are going to be able to rely on your Garmin or Tom Tom, you apparently haven’t used yours very much.  Those things are great when you have a long trip on interstates but get them on back roads or downtown in a city and you might as well have a hundred dollar brick.  Plus who knows how long those things will still be reliable after the SHTF.

So along with food hoarding, bug-out bags, and which guns to bring, you might want to plan a few routes so when its time to get out of dodge, you actually can, leaving all the other bastards to be the zombies’ first course.   Mmmmmm brains.


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