Taking your pets with you… or “what about fluffy?”

Posted: February 1, 2012 by Sarge in Evacuation

This could get a little bit tough. We all love our pets. Constant companions, always ready to greet you when you get home. Well, now the world is crashing down around you. So what to do with the four legged friends. If you have a farm, and subsequently farm animals, I have no experience, and I suggest you slaughter enough animals to sustain you for as long as possible if you have to leave.
If, like the rest of us, you have cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, and whatever else, I have a couple of ideas. First off, if its not a cat, dog, or perhaps monkey, leave it behind. Let rodents go free, flush the fish (who knows, they might Nemo their ass to somewhere happy). Actually, you could feed the fish to the cats to keep them fed for longer, or, if they’re big enough, just fry em up for yourself.

Back to the real pets.

Now, my first suggestion is to buy two bags of food for Fido next time you’re at the store. Every time he’s about to finish one, go buy another. If you rotate stock, this will ensure that you always have 2 or so months of fresh food on hand.
If you have cats, be sure you have a crate to keep them in, in case you end up leaving by vehicle. Keep an extra food and water dish handy. They will probably have to learn to shit out doors, but I’m sure they will figure it out when you don’t provide a litter box for a week or so. If, rather than fleeing by vehicle, you’re going it on foot, its time to let the cats be wild. Fill the bath tub with water, leave all their food in an accessible place, and take off their collars so that they can hunt quietly. I would say you could probably prop an outside door open a few inches, so that they have your house as a place to reside. They are hunters by nature, and have a decent shot at survival if left alone.
Now on to the dog. Traveling by vehicle, be sure to again have food and water dishes. Obviously a leash is required, but in addition, a nice section of rope will be helpful. Buy a 50′ section of rope, and tie a clip to one end, and a loop in the other. You can easily attach it to a tree, or the hitch on the truck, or whatever you have. This will give the beast a place to wander and run a little while you pillage houses of the dead looking for stuff to live on.
If you’re travelling on foot, take the dog with you. Whether it be a 5 lb Yorkshire Terrier, or a 130 lb mutt, your furry friend is going to be a life saver. A dog brings you a companion, which will help after having not seen a Living person in 3 weeks. Additionally, the dog provides a means to pull stuff (if its a big dog). A sled in the snow, or a cart in the warm months, will significantly increase your equipment capacity. I would reccomend you pratice with the dog ahead of time, by the way.
The other thing that a dog brings to the table is a powerful set of ears, an incredible nose, and another set of eyes. This will help while avoiding aliens, zombies, or potential tagalongs as you travel. The dog could additionally be used to scare up birds to shoot, etc, and may even smell out some food.
If you get to the point that you cannot travel and maintain the dog, let him go. He might follow along of his own accord, but will wander off to find food, and maybe a pack of other mutts to fall in with.

Any choice you make concerning your pets will probably be tough, but remember, think of them as a tool to your survivial. (I’m not saying eat your dog or cat, but honestly, if it gets to that point…)



“The living will envy the dead, and the dead will envy you…”


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