Water Storage: Living the high life

Posted: February 2, 2012 by boyscout556 in Stockpiling Food
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What is the thing you probably take for granted most that will be one of the first things gone when SHTF.  Clean water.  Well probably electricity, but lets say water because I needed a good way to start this.  If you’re on city water then more than likely after the apocalypse you’re shit out of luck.  Storing water in your house can be hard.  Water is heavy, and it needs some kind of container and well, its water.  I’ve been thinking about the best place to store water in your house.  I mean sure, fill barrels and put them in the basement, but then where does your food go?  Dig a pond, but then you have to purify it plus all the neighbors will just help themselves.  How about building a water tank in your attic.  Its perfect.  There is all that empty space up there.  Your rain collector on the roof can drain into it, plus it can be attached directly to your current plumbing system.  This means while all the other survivors are lugging bottles of water around, all you have to do is open your tap, and let gravity do its thing.  This will work especially well if you’re on a septic system.  Your house’s plumbing will run like normal!  Using a gravity feed system in your house means you’ll still have running water.  You can laugh at your friends as they dig out there shitholes (literally) while you take a crap on your porcelain throne.  You could even take a shower with the addition of a wood fired water heater or you know man up and take it cold, this is after TEOTWAWKI.  Maybe this post apocalypse thing will be easier than I thought…


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