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Posted: February 4, 2012 by Sarge in Bug-out Bag
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Yeah, not that kind.  I’m talking about the status of my ability to survive the “un-survivable”.

In the weeks since we went live batshit, I’ve committed myself to actually preparing for some bad shit.  Until that point, I had planned and thought, and taken no real action.  That time has passed.  The point of shit is that it never hits the fan on a Saturday morning when you’re wide awake and ready to load up and roll out.  It happens on Tuesday at 7:52 pm when Susie’s at soccer and your wife isn’t talking to you. 

I previously showed pictures of BOB.  I’ve started my collection of stuff with which to load BOB.  I haven’t started in a logical place.

First off was this baby:

I know, its tiny.  I can promise, as I have used one, that it works well to open a can.  It is light weight and easily stores.  Buy 4 or 5 of ’em.  They’re cheap, and available all over the place online, as well as at a lot of outdoor and military surplus stores.  If you’re not on a first name basis with the guys behind the counter at these two locations in your town, you’re not preparing hard enough.  (Mike, at the local military surplus place, by the way.)  Attached to the P-38 is a flint, as in flint and steel, as in, make sparks to start fire.

I added a pair of spare combat boots as well.  (You’ll find that I really like military stuff.  Its never the lightest gear, but its often the most durable, and a lot of it is very affordable).  I also added a Gerber multitool, a Gerber fixed blade knife, and a Buck fixed blade knive.  I love knives, and I really like Gerber because they make durable stuff that is reasonably priced.  Additionally, I just bought a small 1 AAA battery flashlight and a $2 pair of leather gloves.  A set of leather gloves are great when trying to cook over open fire, repel down a cliff, or what-have-you.

Along with the work on BOB, I also began my vehicle loadout planning.  At a local gun show (an awesome place to find reasonably priced firearms and out door gear) I bought two medium sized and one large sized military ammo cans for $20 total.  I already have a small one.  These are great because they are very good at keeping things inside dry, and they are extremely durable.  They are not, however, all that light.

I have a large plastic footlocker from my time in Iraq that I plan to load up with spare clothing, a tent, etc.

So, there you have it.   Aside from the pile of ammo I’ve been stowing away for about a year now, that is my gear.

Check this baby out.  We should all buy one.

In the coming weeks, I intend to go deeper into what will probably make it into BOB, cover the easy way to use 550 (or para) cord to make multiuse survival gear, explain the right way to pack up a BOB in terms of organization and planning, and cover an alternate form of travel.  I will also add whatever random crap comes into my scull while I stare at a computer screen all day in my cubicle.



“If its on sale, and it will help you survive, buy twice what you know you’ll need.”


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