Evacuation: The next step

Posted: February 5, 2012 by boyscout556 in Evacuation
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OK, so you made it out alive and in good shape.  The BOV is running like a champ, loaded with a few months’ worth of food, the family, fido, some extra fuel, and enough guns and ammo to take on Belgium.  You even managed to get out of the immediate area of the SHTF.  Now what?

Just because you have all the equipment and were even able to get away with it doesnt mean you’re home free.  Now you need somewhere to go.  This is where it gets hard.  Do you head to great aunt Mimi’s house in Pokipsy, or out into the forest?  Some of you may be better preppers/survivalists than I, and already have a cabin in some remote location in  woods, with your bunker, and a few years worth of food, and all the other equipment.  If which case, good for fuckin you, why arent you writing this and letting me learn?  But you better hope your Opsec was air tight or you might find someone that was just a little faster and is ready to defend what used to be your homestead to the last man.  In which case, you better have a back up plan.  For the rest of us that dont have a Bug-out Location (BOL), whether prepped by us or someone else, we need to have a plan.   Any plan is better than nothing, so you might as well start thinking about it now.  And truthfully I dont have a fucking clue as to where to go currently.  But I just thought of a way to remedy that.

I suppose the things to look for in a BOL are seclusion, easy access to resources, like water, food (whether it be hunted, gathered, of cultivated), defendablility, etc.  Well what better way to find someplace like this then start camping with the family.  Rather than taking your lard ass to someplace like the beach where you’ll put on a bathing suit that really shows off your back hair, and makes everyone else dry heave until they pass out, pack up some of you survival gear, go out in the woods, and practice your skills.  You can start to get a taste of surviving off the grid.  Better yet start backpacking with only your BOB.  It will allow you to test out how well you’ve packed it, get you used to carrying it, maybe show you why the gym might not be a bad idea.  Plus it will give you the chance to start scouting for a good BOL.  I would suggest a large forest, where you might find some wildlife and more of that nature shit.  And after you find your location, for the love of God, don’t go posting on Facebook how you just found the best BOL and these are its latitude and longitude.  Keep it to yourself, or maybe let your family in on it but make sure they wont go blabbing about it.  Better yet find a few different locations that can all be used, and rank them on their best attributes.  This way you have some options when the SHTF.  So for all of you that thought “Oh, I have everything i need to survive and a way to get out of dodge to boot” always remember, just because you can leave doesnt mean you have somewhere to go.


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