Packing Your Bug Out Bag

Posted: February 7, 2012 by Sarge in Bug-out Bag
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If you have a bug out bag on your back, and you’re on the move, the shit has clearly hit the fan.  We can assume that things will be very unpredictable for you as you travel.  You need to be sure that you know how to get to what you need in your bag, when you need it.  When you get bitten by that wild animal, or winged by the crazy with the .22 in the woods, you have to be able to get to your first aid kit fast.  When you’re about to be overrun by the undead, ammo is going to be the ticket, and you had better have it close at hand.  Clearly you won’t die if you can’t get your hands on your clean socks or your energy bar in an instant.  Keep this in mind when packing.  Put things of lesser emergency importance at the bottom.

Now, on to packing.  I’m going to assume you have at least one pair of spare socks, one spare T shirt, and one pair of clean underwear (wouldn’t your mom be proud).  The socks are the most important part of this, but more on that later.  What I like to do with my clean skivvies is create what my DI called a gunny roll.  This takes little time to prepare, makes for a nice small item to pack, and keeps all your clean drawers in the same place.  This really only works if you have some tube socks or tall boot socks (I would recommend some tall boot socks, wool if possible).  It goes like this:

1)  Lay your tshirt out, folding in the arms on both sides so that the result is a rectangle about 8 inches wide (Clearly, if you’re wearing XXL shirts, you will  have to adjust your sizing accordingly)

2)  Lay your undies on top of the shirt, near the neck hole.

3)  Lay your socks on top, perpendicular to your shirt.  Place the toe ends on the shirt, with the top open ends laying off to the sides like wings.

4)  Roll that whole thing up like a big burrito, or joint, or whatever it is that you’re used to rolling.  The tighter you roll it, the smaller the resulting package will be.

5)  Take one end of one of your socks, and stretch it back over the whole roll.  Do the same with the other end.  When you get done, you should have what looks like a sock colored football.  Success!

Now you have a couple gunny rolls made up, along with all the other crap you intend to stuff in your bug out bag.  Here is where we create what I like to call “flotation chambers”.  This is another concept I learned from uncle Sam.  Everything going in that sack, that you don’t want getting wet, should go into a ziploc bag.  You can use a variety of sizes to fit different items.  This offers three benefits.  1, your shit stays dry when it rains or you fall in the river like a dumbass (pretend you won’t make some ass mistakes while bugging out.  I know I’m going to have to learn the hard way, often) 2, you have bags you can use to gather or store food that you find along the way, 3, your bag has a bunch of little water tight pouches in it.  These water tight pouches will help keep your ass alfloat when you fall in the river, or when you get in the river intentionally to cross it, or whatever.  Either way,  you’ve turned your bug out bag into a PFD.  Bonus!

Next up, lets line the bag.  This part is easy.  If you have some extra coin to spend, buy yourself a waterproofing bag at an outdoor store.  It needs to be big enough to fill the main pouch of your bag.  If you don’t have the coin, use two heavy duty garbage bags, one inside the other.  Once you have used your waterproofing bag to line the inside of your pack, load it like you would normally.  This creates another moisture barrier, and gives you some more bags in which to store shit should the need arise.

Now, one last suggestion for that bag of yours.  In the main pocket of the bag, right on top, you should have a list of what you have and where it is in the bag.  This way, if you forget, or if your spouse needs something, or whatever, you have a reference sheet.  Store it in a ziploc to keep it dry.  You may never use this list, but you might use it, and it might just save your life.


“Lead, follow, but stay out of the zombies way’


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