My paracord dog leash- Part 2

Posted: February 13, 2012 by Sarge in Preparation, Weapons and Tools

If you missed part one, go read it, or this will probably be useless.

Step four part 2:

Step five:  Keep weaving.  You have to keep this up until you hit the other end.  It takes time and patience.  As you go, be sure that you  keep your lines running in the same order, or things get twisted up at the other end.  I had to un weave and re weave mine part way twice because I got careless.  Tighten things up some as you go, and take your time.  When you come to the end of one stick, start on the next, overlapping by one loop.

Step six:  When you get 12 or so inches from the end, insert your quick link.  Keep the weave going in the normal pattern on either side.

Step seven:  Weave until you hit the end with the ring.  Snake the loose end of the cord through the weave so that it ends up on the same side as the sticks.  Finally, loop it through the ring once.

Step eight:  Start backing the stick at the ring end out, replacing it in each loop with the loose end of the paracord.  Continue this all the way through, until you are back at the clip end.

Step nine:  Once you have it passed all the way through, and all the sticks are gone, tie it off to the clip.  I actually tied mine off to the original end of the paracord, but you can use whatever method you like.  Before you make your knop permanent, I would recommend working the cord some, so that all the excess in individual loops, etc., get worked out.  This will make more sense once you’ve gotten started.  To finish it off, take a match or a lighter to the ends of the cord to melt them.

Hope this is helpful to someone.  This same principal can be applied to other things.  I made a sling for my SKS using this same idea.



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