The Barbie Bug Out Bag

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Barbie in Bug-out Bag
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Honestly, I haven’t put a lot of effort into my bug out bag so far.  I’m sure that’s a deeply shameful thing to admit, but I’ve been planning with two major scenarios in mind:

1.  An extremely localized SHTF (think wildfire or hurricane) in which I can just hop in the car and drive across the state line to the Boy Scout’s house to wait it out.  In that case, my bug out kit basically needs to be a few changes of clothes, a day or two worth of dog food, road trip tunes, and a shitload of Skittles for the drive.

2.  A TEOTWAWKI situation where there’s not really anywhere else to go, so I might as well just bug the hell in and ride it out.  For that reason I’ve been stocking up on stuff I’ll need so the Chihuahua and I can just lock ‘er up tight and bug in.

I really haven’t prepared for some kind of ghillie suit wearing, machete swinging, Man vs Wild situation.  It’s not really my style.

Sorry, folks.  You’re not going to see me eating rattlesnake chitterlings anytime soon.

Leave me in my home situation, with my stockpile and my things, and I think I can survive for a pretty long time post SHTF.  If I have to go on some kind of wilderness adventure, I don’t see it ending well (nor do I really see a point).  I’ll do what I have to do to survive, but going feral is pretty much going to be my last resort.  That being said, my focus for the bug out bag is more along the lines of “what if I get stuck in really bad traffic during an evacuation and run out of gas.”

So let’s get down to the deets:

The bag is an old North Face backpack I picked up at a thrift shop for 2.99 – it’s got lots of room to store stuff, lots of hooks and straps to hang things from, and it’s super comfortable.  As an added bonus, it’s not overly tactical-looking so hopefully people will assume it’s full of clothes and lip gloss or something.  I’m pretty happy with it, espcially for the price.

And now for the contents.  So far, I’ve got:

Two pouches of tuna fish

A four day supply of dog food in Mylar with an O2 absorber

Four emergency Mylar blankets (actually, three blankets and one I made into a dog sleeping bag)

Two P-38 can openers (why, I’m not sure)

Two cheap emergency rain ponchos

A Zippo windproof lighter I scored off eBay

A tube of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (go ahead and laugh)

A spare leash for the dog

A list of important phone numbers

Several Ziploc bags (for keeping things dry)

Spare socks and undies

A packet of baby wipes

A box of protein bars

Water purification tables

70 SPF sunscreen (seriously, I’m the whitest cracker on the beach – I’ve had sunburns that rendered me incapacitated for days)


Clearly, I’ve got work to do.  Without a lot of intense thought, I can already see where an LED head lamp would come in handy, and some cold gear like gloves and a hat are a necessity (70 degrees feels chilly to me).  I wouldn’t mind having a Katadyn water filter bottle either.  Some cheap sunglasses might be a lifesaver, too.  And some bug repellent, and maps, a basic first aid kit, more food…

We’ll be revisiting this.

  1. showpare says:

    It looks like you are on the right path to me. My interest is to get home more than get away from home, I have a few things in a jansport book bag. I chose some of the mayday lifeboat chow and a few snacks, a casualty blanket (a space blanket on crack), and some of the same stuff you have. TP, too.

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