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Building my rifle

Posted: March 31, 2012 by Sarge in Weapons and Tools
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I spent the morning at the largest gun show to hit this area all year.  I haven’t been yet without coming home with something.

Today it was a stripped lower reciever for an AR-15.  The one I bought is from Rock River Arms.

I’ll be buing a kit from so that I can afford to own one that is exactly how I want it to be.  For $650 bucks I’ll be able to get a complete AR with sights.  In addition to this, I will be buying a second complete upper at some point in the future.

The second one will be chambered in .300 AAC, also known as .300 Blackout.  The reason I’ll be buying this is because it will attach directly to the lower receiver for the AR-15.  It uses all of the same lower receiver parts, plus the same magazines.  This in effect will allow me to have two rifles for the cost of one and a half.  The 5.56mm setup will have iron sights for reliability, and with the small round, will be affordable to shoot.  the .300 setup will have a decent scope, and with the heavier round, will be used for distance shooting of big game, etc.

I’m going to write up my experiences on building my own rifle from parts, so that you can decide for yourselves if its something you might want to do.




My thoughts on Treyvon Martin

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Sarge in Weapons and Tools
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I will not touch on who I think is right or wrong.  I wear hoodies all the time.  I also carry concealed all the time.  We have a justice system, and I trust it to sort out what happened and who should be held accountable.

I won’t touch on the racism portion of this either.  Either Zimmerman was in the right, and defended himself, or he was in the wrong, and murdered an innocent young man.  Does it matter if he did or did not hate the individual due to his race?  Does it make Martin any less dead?  Was it wrong to kill him, if it was self defense, because Martin was black?  I fail to see how a “hate crime” is any different than any other crime.  I fail to see race as an issue here.  Two people interacted, with serious consequences.  What if Martin hated Zimmerman because of HIS race?  Then it would be a hate crime the other way, right?

Yeah, I know, I went into race.  The point I was after from the beginning is this.  I am baffled by how few people realize that we have a right, and some would say obligation, to carry concealed firearms.  facebook friends of mine, some of whom are actual friends of mine, have responded to this situation with comments on how they are shocked Zimmerman was even allowed to carry a handgun.  Do they not realize that a decent portion of the population walks past them, shops next to them, works with them, all while carrying guns around “like a bunch of wild west cowboys”?  I’m not letting them know, because I would just assume none of them know I have iron on my hip whenever I leave me property, and most of the time I am on my property.  Can you imagine how they would react if they found out I was a gun toting “right wing nut job”?



Recoil Magazine

Posted: March 14, 2012 by Sarge in Uncategorized
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So I bought a magazine off the grocery story news stand.  I make a ritual of picking up 3 or 4 of my favorite titles every couple of months, and this month I branched out and bought a new one.  Recoil is advertised as a “Gun Lifestyle” magazine.  I figured I’d give it a shot.                                                                                        (pun intended)

Currently, I recieve American Rifleman magazine, which I enjoy, but which is my only firearms related magazine.  Recoil has already become the second.  They cover guns, but not hunting stuff.  They cover kill someone who tries to bother you guns.  Most of the firearms in the first issue were outside my price range, but they had nice writeups anyhow.  They also had two helpful Do-It-Yourself articles that were easy to follow and well written.  I don’t think I’ve ready a DIY firearm article anywhere else.  The one other article that stood out was a 25 questions answered about the AR-15.  It would be perfect for someone looking into buying their first AR, and would probably help a lot of people that already have them to better understand what their options are.

In addition to the guns and ammo coverage, they also reviewed some knives.  I believe a knife is the most valuable thing you can carry on your person, so I appreciated this.  The knives covered ranged from 50 or so dollars up past 200, which meant I could actually justify considering some of them.

Other articles included one on the ultimate Bug In house, that basically turns itself into a fortress, but opens up when you want to have a normal living space.  There was also an article on the “ultimate bug out ride”, which, while interesting, was WAY out of my price range.

If you like looking at cool pictures, and don’t mind shelling out 8 bucks for a magazine, check out Recoil.




Thank God I Bought All This Dog Food

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Barbie in Uncategorized

So, today at work, they told us everyone is to report to a brief all-company meeting on Thursday in the cafeteria.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting a pony!

When my grandmother passed away, I was fortunate enough to have inherited her small collection of cookbooks.  I love flipping through them, not just for the fun retro recipes for elegant desserts (Baked Alaska, anyone?) but also for the comments Grandma wrote in the margins:

“Do not use cherry Jell-o.  Makes an atrocious color!”

“Ken (my granddad) hated this.”

Just as good are the recipes and tips she clipped from magazines and product packages and carefully tucked between pages.  I guess I love them because I feel like I’m getting a glimpse into her life as an Air Force wife.  Grandma was a pretty private person, as well she might have been.  She’d been through a lot, between having grown up during the great depression and marrying an airman.  There’s a reason they say “Military Wife:  Toughest Job in the Military.”

When they were stationed on the coast of Louisiana and a hurricane came roaring up the gulf, my granddad had to pilot his aircraft inland to Kansas, leaving Grandma behind to fend for herself and two kids under the age of five.  She was a very stoic lady.

So you can understand how much I love finding these little tidbits of her life.  The other day, I was looking for Grandma’s famous Jell-o salad recipe to take to a retro cooking party, and I re-discovered these two gems.  These would date back to when they were stationed at Wurtsmith AFB with the Strategic Air Command (SAC), probably in the mid 1960’s.

The first is a newspaper article urging housewives to keep a two week supply of food on hand.  It even offers a suggested list of items appropriate for a family of four.

I love it – and I love the little notes that tell me this article had Grandma’s strict attention!

Next I have a “Dependents’ Disaster Control Checklist” distributed by SAC at Wurtsmith.  It provided clear instructions on what the women and children were to do in the event of an emergency.

It even includes what to do in a Broken Arrow situation.  Pretty badass.

So there you go.  My grandma (and probably yours) was prepping before prepping was trendy!


Mission Statement

Posted: March 7, 2012 by Sarge in Preparation

Everybody has a mission statement these days.  Most of them are cheeseball crap.

I’ve decided that I need a personal mission statement.  In reality, I would just take all of these quotes and make them into my mission:

But that seems too easy.  So here goes:

I will at all times consider my situation

I will work to continually prepare my family

I will encourage each member of my family to prepare themselves

I will spend my money in a way that increases my ability to survive

I will always lend a hand to others when possible, especially in hard times

I will do my best to joyfully undertake all tasks

I will not bow down to any man, or any government that would infringe upon my right to protect myself

I will expect no help from others, and demand nothing more than I have earned

I will not live my life in fear of the future


Some of this stuff is already built into me.  Some of it I may never achieve.  Either way, I’m going to prepare for what comes my way.  If it all goes to hell, and you happen to be on your way past, stop in for while, but don’t be offended if I keep one hand on my shotgun.



Why We Should Arm The Girl Scouts

Posted: March 5, 2012 by Barbie in Weapons and Tools

Did ya’ll see this shit?
In Fort Bend, Texas some sorry motherfucker snatched a cash box from a bunch of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside the Wal-Mart.
Two badass little girls from the troop ran him down in the parking lot and started punching the shit out of him.
Despite their ballsy attempt to recover the cash box, the thief got away and the scouts are out $200, which they’ll have to pay back to the cookie company. Worse, one of the girls sustained minor injuries when the asshole drove away, dragging her behind the car.
What kind of sick fuck steals money from Girl Scouts?
This? Is why we should arm the Girl Scouts. At the very least, provide them with pepper spray. Imagine what a shock the bastard would have gotten when he got hit in the face with a shot of aerosol-propelled capsaicin.
It would have been epic.
I’m so proud of those little girls for going after the thief, even if it was a dangerous and foolish thing to do. That took some serious balls (and a healthy dose of naivete). I can only hope that after learning the hard lesson that some people are pieces of shit, they’ll apply it in a positive way and eventually learn to protect themselves.
And that they’ll eventually decide to carry.
An armed society is a polite society.

Every Day Carry

Posted: March 1, 2012 by Sarge in Preparation, Weapons and Tools

Shit hit the fan yesterday.  Well, it did in my life.  My 9 hour work day turned into a 16 hour adventure.  By adventure I mean shitfest.  See, we’ve got all this new equipment coming in at work (75 million worth).  None of it works the way it is supposed to.  Therefore, I get to spend all my time at this equipment suppliers shop.  My desk is not at the shop.  I have stuff I need in my desk.  I don’t have shit at this shop.  Hell, there isn’t even a gas station within a couple miles of this place.

So here I am, at this shop.  I have to gather and analyze a bunch of data.  Luckily, I am somewhat prepared.  I carry a Zebra F-301 compact in my pocket, so I can write shit down.  I have to cut open a bunch of boxes of parts and shit, and NO ONE has a damn knife.  I do.  My employer said I’m not allowed.  I kindly said F U (in my head.  I wouldn’t say it out loud.  I need my job).  So I can cut open the boxes.  Terrific.  We worked until 11:15 pm.  Apparently no one else got hungry.  I did.  This is where I failed.  I had no extra food on me, or in my car.  I had a $20 bill.  Vending machines won’t eat 20’s.  I had 50 cents in my pocket.  This kept me to the bottom tier of vending machine food.  Thank God there were some bright orange crackers with “cheese” between them for 35 cents.  That was dinner.  I do always have a water bottle with me, so I did have something to wash them down with.

So shit hit the fan, in a small way.  I was somewhat prepared.  Next time, I will be more prepared.  I have a first aid kit in my car.  Now, I’m going to add a can of chili and some granola bars.  I will continue to carry a knife.  When not working, I keep a sidearm handy.  I always carry some cash, but I think I’ll start keeping some small bills tucked away just in case.  I might start carrying my multi-tool agian.

I like gadgets and shit, so I cruise the internet for cool stuff to carry around.  This site is all about every day carry gear, and I like peering into other peoples pockets in this manner:

This next site spends a little too much time on watches I can’t afford and  camera gear, but the guy does great reviews, and sometimes they come up with some awesome stuff (like titanium keychain rings).

Take some time and go back into the archives.  Thats where the good stuff is.