Every Day Carry

Posted: March 1, 2012 by Sarge in Preparation, Weapons and Tools

Shit hit the fan yesterday.  Well, it did in my life.  My 9 hour work day turned into a 16 hour adventure.  By adventure I mean shitfest.  See, we’ve got all this new equipment coming in at work (75 million worth).  None of it works the way it is supposed to.  Therefore, I get to spend all my time at this equipment suppliers shop.  My desk is not at the shop.  I have stuff I need in my desk.  I don’t have shit at this shop.  Hell, there isn’t even a gas station within a couple miles of this place.

So here I am, at this shop.  I have to gather and analyze a bunch of data.  Luckily, I am somewhat prepared.  I carry a Zebra F-301 compact in my pocket, so I can write shit down.  I have to cut open a bunch of boxes of parts and shit, and NO ONE has a damn knife.  I do.  My employer said I’m not allowed.  I kindly said F U (in my head.  I wouldn’t say it out loud.  I need my job).  So I can cut open the boxes.  Terrific.  We worked until 11:15 pm.  Apparently no one else got hungry.  I did.  This is where I failed.  I had no extra food on me, or in my car.  I had a $20 bill.  Vending machines won’t eat 20’s.  I had 50 cents in my pocket.  This kept me to the bottom tier of vending machine food.  Thank God there were some bright orange crackers with “cheese” between them for 35 cents.  That was dinner.  I do always have a water bottle with me, so I did have something to wash them down with.

So shit hit the fan, in a small way.  I was somewhat prepared.  Next time, I will be more prepared.  I have a first aid kit in my car.  Now, I’m going to add a can of chili and some granola bars.  I will continue to carry a knife.  When not working, I keep a sidearm handy.  I always carry some cash, but I think I’ll start keeping some small bills tucked away just in case.  I might start carrying my multi-tool agian.

I like gadgets and shit, so I cruise the internet for cool stuff to carry around.  This site is all about every day carry gear, and I like peering into other peoples pockets in this manner:


This next site spends a little too much time on watches I can’t afford and  camera gear, but the guy does great reviews, and sometimes they come up with some awesome stuff (like titanium keychain rings).


Take some time and go back into the archives.  Thats where the good stuff is.




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