Why We Should Arm The Girl Scouts

Posted: March 5, 2012 by Barbie in Weapons and Tools

Did ya’ll see this shit?
In Fort Bend, Texas some sorry motherfucker snatched a cash box from a bunch of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside the Wal-Mart.
Two badass little girls from the troop ran him down in the parking lot and started punching the shit out of him.
Despite their ballsy attempt to recover the cash box, the thief got away and the scouts are out $200, which they’ll have to pay back to the cookie company. Worse, one of the girls sustained minor injuries when the asshole drove away, dragging her behind the car.
What kind of sick fuck steals money from Girl Scouts?
This? Is why we should arm the Girl Scouts. At the very least, provide them with pepper spray. Imagine what a shock the bastard would have gotten when he got hit in the face with a shot of aerosol-propelled capsaicin.
It would have been epic.
I’m so proud of those little girls for going after the thief, even if it was a dangerous and foolish thing to do. That took some serious balls (and a healthy dose of naivete). I can only hope that after learning the hard lesson that some people are pieces of shit, they’ll apply it in a positive way and eventually learn to protect themselves.
And that they’ll eventually decide to carry.
An armed society is a polite society.

  1. showpare says:

    Great rant and so true. Thank God the girls were not hurt worse, but I am so impressed that the girls didn’t take any shit from the criminal asshole. I hope this POS was chided by his drug buddies about stealing cookie money. Great read, great rant and great blog!

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