Mission Statement

Posted: March 7, 2012 by Sarge in Preparation

Everybody has a mission statement these days.  Most of them are cheeseball crap.

I’ve decided that I need a personal mission statement.  In reality, I would just take all of these quotes and make them into my mission:


But that seems too easy.  So here goes:

I will at all times consider my situation

I will work to continually prepare my family

I will encourage each member of my family to prepare themselves

I will spend my money in a way that increases my ability to survive

I will always lend a hand to others when possible, especially in hard times

I will do my best to joyfully undertake all tasks

I will not bow down to any man, or any government that would infringe upon my right to protect myself

I will expect no help from others, and demand nothing more than I have earned

I will not live my life in fear of the future


Some of this stuff is already built into me.  Some of it I may never achieve.  Either way, I’m going to prepare for what comes my way.  If it all goes to hell, and you happen to be on your way past, stop in for while, but don’t be offended if I keep one hand on my shotgun.




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