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Too many mint tins

Posted: April 9, 2012 by Sarge in Bug-out Bag, Preparation
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I obsessively eat Altoids mints at work.  I don’t mean I pop one in my mouth and enjoy the flavor as it dissolves, either.  I throw 3 or 4 in at a time, and then chew them like a five-year old with a Tootsie pop.  My excuse is that its cheaper than the smoking habit I kicked a few years back.

I save all the tins (I think that’s 3/4 of why I eat them in the first place).  I have 20 odd tins in the basement with my bug out bag, and another 5 or 6 on the workbench in the garage.  The ones in the garage get used to store small parts, nuts and bolts, and the like.  Of the 20 in the basement, only three have anything in them.  One is my “fishing kit”, with a handful of fish hooks, a couple sinkers, and some fishing line.  I’m hoping I can fashion a fishing pole and dig up some bait if the need arises.  Its better than no fishing gear at all, either way.  The next tin has a Bic lighter, a box of “waterproof” matches, and a pack of new flints and a wick for a Zippo lighter.  I also have a can of Zippo fluid, but it won’t fit in the tin.  The third tin has, well hell, I’m not even sure if I have stuff in a third tin.  I plan on setting one up with a hundred bucks or so and a credit card, with the idea that bugging out may be for a localized reason, and having something on hand would be really helpful in that case.

I use more of them for other small stuff that would otherwise be easily lost in a bug out bag.  My plan is to paint them all so that their contents is easily identified by their color, etc.  If and when I actually get to this point, I will post some pictures.  If you have other ideas for tins, write me a quick note.  I know there are other ways they could be useful.





Shit I Never Thought I’d Eat

Posted: April 5, 2012 by Barbie in Uncategorized

So I arrived at work today to find a little bag of the nastiest looking stuff I’ve seen in a long time. A quick email confirmed the obvious, it was a “gift” from my Japanese friend Makky – a snack bag of iriko, or dried anchovies.
She writes “the ones I gave you are for SNACK, you eat them just how they are. If the smell is too much for you, you can put anything on them to cut the smell. My kids like them with soy sauce.”
Really? A snack? Where I come from, Doritos are a snack. An apple is a snack. M&M’s are a snack. Tiny sperm-like crunchy dried minnows are not a snack.
I plan to eat them at lunch. Or use them as bait. I haven’t decided yet.
What I do know is that 6 freaking AM is far too damn early to even look at something this grotesque.
Of course, when shit hits the fan, iriko is going to be looking mighty tasty…