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I was thinking about condoms recently.  Dont ask me why, but I started to think about what you can use them for.  I know fornication is the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind, but they can be used for other things.  It’s true!  If you think about what a condom was originally meant to do (keep two fluids separate, looking at it from a scientific standpoint) you realize that it has a lot of applications.  Ever been pushed into a pool and thought “man I wish my “insert electronic device” here was waterproof”?  Well a condom can be used to keep small things dry.  Lets say you have a watch that you’re fond of, but you need to ford a river.  If you had a few condoms in your BoB you could wrap up your watch to protect it.  really anything smaller than, well you know, can be stored in a condom to keep it dry and actually on second thought condoms have an amazing amount of stretch.  I mean check out this video of a kid pulling one over his head:  You can store small fire arms in them to prevent rust or keep dirt out of the barrel of your rifle/shotgun.  Conversely if you need to keep something moist for some reason (I’m drawing a blank right now on something that needs to be kept moist other than cake, and I wouldn’t even go that far, but I suppose that you could do that experiment you do in first grade where you germinate some seeds in a bag except use a condom instead) it can be put into a condom for storage.  Condoms can also be used for water collection/storage.  Obviously they are not indestructible, or even particularly strong but they allow you to collect a sizable amount of water.  Condoms are extremely small and lightweight.  They can be easily stored and transported.  They are impermeable.  I mean really the uses are endless.  Laugh if you want but I going to keep a few with me.  And finally don’t forget to wrap you tool.

But really, don’t take my work for it.  Take his:

On a side note I suggest un-lubricated latex condoms, otherwise things could get messy.


How Prepared am I?

Posted: February 8, 2012 by boyscout556 in Preparation
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Today I started to evaluate how prepared I am for TEOTWAWKI.  I realized I’m fucked. Although I already have a rifle and will be adding a shotgun to that in the next few days, that’s about as far as my preparedness goes.  I currently don’t have room to stockpile supplies (I rent a room from a friend and he already thinks I’m nuts because I just bought a shotgun).  I also realized I have an issue knowing when something is required, and when i just want it really badly.  Let me demonstrate:  My computer died on me over the weekend.  No big deal since I still have my netbook (hence this post).  I still felt the need to replace the computer right now rather than waiting a few weeks, to make sure I really need it.  Sitting at work today pondering my new computer purchase I realized that I have large impulsive tendencies that I have trouble controlling ( hence the reason I am now getting a new shotgun and new computer).  Now its not like I cant afford both purchases, its just that I really didnt need to make both purchases in the same week, or probably even month.  I guess this whole situation is a good thing because it shows me a glaring issue in my preparedness, which I can now address, and start being more prepared for whatever happens to come next.  The point of this whole story is to show, just because you have started to hoard supplies and have a great BoB and BoV, doesnt mean you’re really ready for TEOTWAWKI.   It just means you have more stuff.  Your mindset has to be such that you can actually survive after the SHTF.  I need to work on this big time.  You might want to attempt a self evaluation.

Think you don’t have the cash to prep? Quit making excuses and come back tomorrow for Ten Ways to Prep for Free

Water Storage: Living the high life

Posted: February 2, 2012 by boyscout556 in Stockpiling Food
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What is the thing you probably take for granted most that will be one of the first things gone when SHTF.  Clean water.  Well probably electricity, but lets say water because I needed a good way to start this.  If you’re on city water then more than likely after the apocalypse you’re shit out of luck.  Storing water in your house can be hard.  Water is heavy, and it needs some kind of container and well, its water.  I’ve been thinking about the best place to store water in your house.  I mean sure, fill barrels and put them in the basement, but then where does your food go?  Dig a pond, but then you have to purify it plus all the neighbors will just help themselves.  How about building a water tank in your attic.  Its perfect.  There is all that empty space up there.  Your rain collector on the roof can drain into it, plus it can be attached directly to your current plumbing system.  This means while all the other survivors are lugging bottles of water around, all you have to do is open your tap, and let gravity do its thing.  This will work especially well if you’re on a septic system.  Your house’s plumbing will run like normal!  Using a gravity feed system in your house means you’ll still have running water.  You can laugh at your friends as they dig out there shitholes (literally) while you take a crap on your porcelain throne.  You could even take a shower with the addition of a wood fired water heater or you know man up and take it cold, this is after TEOTWAWKI.  Maybe this post apocalypse thing will be easier than I thought…

You Might Be Batshit Crazy If…

Posted: January 31, 2012 by Barbie in Uncategorized

I can’t claim any of these are mine, they call come from a thread over at Survivalist Boards entitled “You Might Be a Survivalist/Prepper If…”

However, they’re so fuckin’ funny, I had to share them.

“The kids still think the cat I ‘rescued’ is a pet and not a potential food source.”   The Saint

“The letters S, H, T & F are worn off of your computer keyboard.”  SgtBooker44

“Walmart calls to let me know the 5 gal. buckets are in stock again.”  electrdave

“Your BOV has a dirtbike mounted to it that has a mountain bike mounted to it”  cyclopath

“Hoppe’s #9 is [your] aftershave”  ScottyGunn

“Your shopping lists have numbers, like .22, .308, or .357” naturegirlmia

“You have a tactical piercing” Crutch

“You dream about a bugout submarine” davissp2

“You have at least 20 other funny comments, but can’t break OPSEC to share them.” Sylens
I hope that gave you a good laugh – follow the link for the full thread – it’s up to 47 pages and counting!


Posted: January 23, 2012 by Sarge in Uncategorized
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I once lived in a place where dried bat feces fell on my bed everytime someone closed the door, so I KNOW I’m batshit crazy. With that in mind, I intend to explore every piece of gear I might need to survive anything… at all, including a light mist on a Sunday morning. Along the way, I might just give my 38 cents (it really is worth that much) on how to tell your family you’re off the deep end, and maybe even how to bring them along on the adventure.