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Stockpile Security (Hide Your Shit)

Posted: February 3, 2012 by Barbie in Stockpiling Food
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Look.  If you’re not really sure how you feel about this blog, and you think all this talk about shit hitting the fan is a little bit paranoid for your taste, close your browser.  Come back tomorrow.

We’re about to take the paranoid to a whole new level here.

So, you’ve got this stockpile of food, and you’re good to go for a while – 90 days, six months, two years.  Whatever.  All those assholes in your neighborhood?  They’re probably not ready.  Which means when they get really hungry, they’re gonna start showing up at your door.

Now, do you share your supplies?  Do you tell them to go to hell?  I’m not even going to address that here, because the reality is that none of us know what we’d do in that situation until it actually happens.  There are too many potential variables that would decide whether we would help out another family, or send them on their way and wish them the best of luck.  We’ll all just cross that bridge when (God forbid) we come to it.

But you’ve pretty much gotta assume that at some point, somebody is going to show up at your door wanting your food.  I’d highly recommend investing in some firepower so you can prevent them from taking your food by force, but I’ll let the Sarge and the Boy Scout offer their advice on that matter.  I’m here to talk about OPSEC (Operations Security).

The first rule of Stockpiling is you do not talk about Stockpiling.  You don’t blab to all your neighbors about how much cash you’ve got buried in the back yard, why would you run your mouth about how much food and ammo you’ve got piled in your basement?  Why should your neighbors stockpile when they can just come over to your house and rob you of your stockpile.  Quit talking.  Just shut the hell up.

Next, you’re gonna wanna make sure that at least some of your shit is hidden. Personally, I plan to fill my kitchen pantry up with food like a normal, responsible adult human being.  Everything that doesn’t fit in the pantry?  It’ll be hidden.  Well.  If someone does force their way into my home looking for food, they aren’t going to find much.  I’m not talking about under the bed or in the linen closet either.  When someone gets hungry enough, they’re going to start ransacking.  Start looking around your house and thinking of hiding places now.

And quit friggin’ talking about what you’ve got stashed up.  If you buy anything really good/obvious, like a kerosene heater or an assault rifle, don’t bring it home and carry it into the house on a Sunday afteroon while the whole neighborhood is outside washing their cars.  Bring that shit inside under cover of darkness, and stash it quick.

Believe me.  People are watching.